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Tosche Station Terrain –   Terrain made for Gamers…By Gamers.  No better place to waste time with your friends.  

July 21, 2019:  Take the fight to the Empire with these all new Imperial Interior for your table top gaming! To purchase, head over to our online store!

Click the DESIGN // Imperial Interior links above for more info and photos!

March 5, 2019:   Fighting inside has never looked this good! Rebellion interior’s are here! STL packs and printable sets available at on our online store! Paint to any desired effect, link together with magnets, and build unique layouts every time you play.

Click the DESIGN // Rebellion Interior links above for more info and photos!


February 8, 2019:   The pilgrim city of Jedha!   Battle it out in the most authentic version of Tythoni Square that you’ll find off-screen –  It’ll all come to life with our inspired-by-Jedha buildings and terrain.   Be sure to visit our online store and check out the complete release of buildings, accessories, STL files, and image gallery!

Featuring 15 structures, multi-level buildings and archways that tower over each and every street, screen accurate details ripped from your favorite scenes all built with practical SW Legion gameplay in mind.   Removable roofs and floors allow for easy, interior access.   Buildings that tower well beyond Height One…Boba Fett and Air Speeders — time to live that dream.  Sniper perches and ambush alleys…wide open avenues of approach and CQC environments a-plenty.   Wookie Warriors lurking on the 2nd floor?  You just might want to bring a TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank to a knife fight.  

While the over-all design is reflective of Tythoni Square, you’ll find that each of our buildings is designed in such a way to allow players to create unique and interesting urban battlefields each and every time they play.  Whether a dense urban market – or giving buildings more room to breath, either choice is guaranteed to test your army building strategies as you’ll find just about every possible strength for each unit released thus far to be completely playable inside the Jedha arena.

Months in the making, we’re proud to bring such an iconic place (and quite frankly, the battlefield we’ve wanted since SW: Legion released)  to 6×3(4) tables across the galaxy.  We’re not messing around with this setup.   This isn’t some generic “Sci-Fi…kind of, sort-of, maybe-if-you-squint-knock-off.”    You know the minute you deploy your first troop on the city streets exactly where you are, what your objective is…and whether you consider Saw Gerrera friend, or foe.


About Tosche Station:  

We’re maker’s of fantastic, to-scale table pieces for Star Wars Legion (and other table top games.)  Hours of research, modeling, and scaling go into building each and every piece we make.  The kicker between us and some of the other guys?  We actually play the game!  We know what works, what doesn’t, and how a table-piece should affect the flow of the game.  When it doesn’t work, we go back and rebuild it (see: first proto-types vs. releases)

Whether it’s our removable, reversible (flat/domed) roofs or magnet-held doors, each Tosche Station piece opens the world of “house rules” to the next level.

Our Online Store (and location in Burbank, CA) have physical / digital copies of all our pieces!  Please visit and let us know what you think!

Releasing in March 2019:   Star Ship Interiors.   Whether you’re skirmishing inside a rebel ship on a diplomatic mission, or rooting out infiltrators aboard an Imperial fleet ship, our interior ship walls, corridors, doors and greeblies will be the perfect fit to customize your own 3 x 3 table top for CQC type tactics!   (Yeah, you’ll actually get to you STAND-BY effectively!)

Releasing on launch day in Physical AND STL form.

While ship interior boards don’t entirely allow for full-rule, SW: Legion objective play, utilizing your own house rules with current objective games (Sabotage, for example)  , limiting armies to Trooper units and Placement Troopers, you’ll be able to increase your style and level of play with trooper v trooper action!

Currently, at Tosche Station, we’re beta-testing our own house-rules on how to best effectively play a 3×3 interior ship battle!   Once we figure it out– expect us to team up with IMPACT X and launch unique, custom printed deployment, objective and condition cards!

Coming soon!

Online Store


Own or have access to a 3d Printer?  Tosche Station offers most of our designs for digital download!   That’s right, just purchase the building, crate, or accessory of your choice and print away!  Create a whole town if you want!  All that we ask is  A.   you don’t share the files with friends/the internet (com’on, we need blue-milk money, too!)   and  B.  That you Show Us Pictures!  We love to see what ya’ll come up with using our designs!


Our buildings are like those Goth kids in High School – way cooler with accessories!  We offer a variety of digital download accessories that can be used to spice up your buildings – whether ours, or the other guys.  Pipes, vents, doors, etc.  Print and glue –  No building has to look the same if you don’t want it to!

…in a galaxy, far, far away

Our future is to grow with the game.  Terrain that matches the figures that are on board.  Our goal is always going to be to provide the best gaming pieces to match both, the game itself and the scale of the figures released.  There are some nice options out there for table-top gaming pieces, but you’ll be hard pressed to find better models in both scale and game-design.  We hope you’ll continue to fill your table-tops with terrain from Tosche Station – because, let’s face it, there’s no better place to waste time with your friends.