Desert Bank

Desert Bank

Tosche Station Desert Bank is one of our favorites.   This building comes two ways – RIGHT and LEFT versions – so having two on the board in both configurations already lends itself to a diverse landscape.   This is a beautiful building that really stands out on any table.

The roof and both front and side doors are removable (and held on through magnetization if so desired)

With a little craftwork, the the roof could be modified to fip and provide a “flat” roof (essentially filling in the dome with a putty/wall patching material and then sanding flat.)

Why do we call it a bank?  Well, our original battlefield that we built was called Mos Espa – which was a small village that used to be run by Jawa’s and desert-types – but also was home to a bank — that is — until the Empire moved in and created a garrison on Tattooine.  This was our tribute to that little tale.


Digital and Physical Product Available for purchase here.