Imperial Interiors

Imperial Ships have always had an intimidation factor across the galaxy. But if your clever enough to sneak aboard and take the fight up close, you just may be able to take one of these things down!

Introducting Imperial Interiors: Straight wall pieces, 90, 145, T and Cross corner/angled pieces, doorways that open/close, hangar doors that do the same — oh, and don’t forget accessories like conference tables, computer consoles and switches!– yeah, we did those too– just in case you need to send that last second message to your only hope — all secured together with the use of
3/16″ dia. x 1/32″ thick magnets!

This collection is a must have for anyone looking for close quarter combat – and no table is ever set up the same way if you don’t want it to be. Complete customization every time!

And while you’re adding to your interior starship, don’t forget those hallway and hangar accessories!   Our batch of crates and barrels, consoles and containers fit nicely in any interior setting!