Jedha was a moon located in orbit around the planet NaJedha,[1] situated in the Jedha system[3] of the galaxy‘s Mid Rim, due galacticwest of the Deep Core. 11,263 kilometers in diameter, Jedha was a small desert moon[1]defined by its jagged rock formations, broad mesas, and narrow spires.[10] Frosted by a permanent winter, Jedha had a cold climate[7]and an atmosphere breathable to oxygen-breathers, such as humans.[6] Within the moon’s sandstone crust were rich deposits of kyber crystals[3]Force-attuned crystals that were fundamental in lightsaberconstruction.[12] Many settlements on the moon, such as the ancient Holy City, sat atop the world’s natural mesas.[3] Though Jedha’s sands remained parched for much of its year, there were instances of powerful torrents of rainfall, a cause for celebration among the people of Jedha.[10]

While our Jedha structures are built to naturally fit and resemble the perfect partisan ambush site of Tythoni Square, the buildings are designed to blend together in any configuration you so desire – with unlimited play ability. No street, no battlefield will ever need to be the same. Mix and match as you go. A few buildings on a table will play as uniquely well as those with density and limited sight lines! Each provide their own level of interesting play.

Jedha’s ancient structures were some of the earliest examples of architecture known to exist in the galaxy. The weathered sandstone structures and statues dotted Jedha’s landscape, a testament to its ancient past.[1]

While our buildings are in development for Tyhoni Square, we’ve launched two amazing details based on the film Rogue One. Street Sensor’s and Kyber Crystal Containers.