Moister Vaporators

Tosche Station’s Moister Vaporator’s are a must for ann table-top, desert environment (although I’m convinced they can easily be modified into different landscapes — we are currently testing these in a ‘swamp’ setting and will post pictures as soon as we feel we’ve nailed it!)

There are plenty of Vaporator options out there.  Trust me.  We’ve downloaded them all.  We never intended on making these.  The market is flooded with them – many are free to those with a printer.

But let me sing you a song called  ♪ “What in the heck are people using to scale their vaporators?” ♫    —  it’s a sad song, because who wants to go through all the trouble of building your troops, painting them to the upmost detail – and then put them on the board with out-of-scale terrain!  (apparently a lot of people, but hey, some people watch ‘The Bachelor’ too so, we’re a people of many tastes)  — that said, if you’re like us…and want to turn heads with your table — then these are the vaporator’s your looking for.

Our in house expert in architecture and scale painstakingly poured through countless photos — including behind the scenes photos of crew members and actors standing next to these set pieces in Tunisia just to make sure we’re getting it right.  And we did.

Now…want us to really show off?  A few months after Star Wars: Legion launched, and well after our Vaporator’s had hit the market…Vaporator’s were announced as add-on, objective piece for the game.  And wouldn’t you know it…OUR vaporator’s bases ALREADY fit the end movement tool!  Shot in the dark and we came up big on that one.

Yeah.  How about THAT for scale and doing things the right way?

Digital and Physical Product Available for purchase here.